Presence in the territory

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  • Ombudsman’s office, at your side
  • Mobile office

The Ombudsman’s Office, on the street

The best way to find out what’s going on in Barcelona is to walk around the city with the people who best know every little corner, local residents. In this project, the team from the Ombudsman’s Office dedicates a whole day to getting to know, at street level, the main problems and grievances of each of the city’s 73 neighbourhoods.

The Ombudsman’s office, at your side

Dialogue with city residents ensures that the solutions proposed are more effective and better respond to people’s needs and experiences. Every month, the team from the Ombudsman’s Office talks to local residents in the city about any concerns they may have.

Mobile office

The Ombudsman’s Office does not stay in one place; it moves throughout the city. It is an institution in motion that periodically moves to a local facility in order to gather citizens’ complaints without the need for citizens to travel to its office.

The Ombudsman’s Office, in schools

The Barcelona Ombudsman’s Office visits the city’s secondary schools to talk to students about any complaints they may have: how they would improve their neighbourhood; if they feel they participate in decisions that affect the city; if they feel they are taken into account, etc.

As everyone knows, adolescents and young people have proposals and solutions for everything, and so a session with the Barcelona ombudsman is the best way to listen to them!