Who can file a complaint?

Any natural or legal person who lives or is staying in Barcelona and has experienced a problem with municipal services may file a complaint, regardless of their nationality, age and legal status.

The complaint can be filed when the Municipal Administration is deemed to be impeding or obstructing the legitimate ability to exercise constitutional rights.

The Ombudsman’s Office also supervises the City Council’s bodies and services to check that they are acting appropriately and verify whether or not they have made an error or acted arbitrarily.

The issues in which the Ombudsman’s Office can intervene are almost all of those that affect city residents’ day-to-day lives and are related to municipal services, including public safety, transport, cleaning, urban landscape, social services, housing, schools, services relating to the Dependency Law, environmental health, Guàrdia Urbana, cemeteries, business activity licences, taxes, civic behaviour, participation, immigration, leisure, equitable resource allocation, urban planning, etc.

A complaint can be filed with the ombudsman when a complaint has already been filed with the body or service involved and no response or solution has been provided, when the response is not satisfactory, or when the body or service has made an error or acted arbitrarily when applying the legal regulations.

The ombudsman always acts confidentially. The data provided by a person when filing a complaint is confidential, except when the complainant expressly waives this confidentiality.