How can I file a complaint?


Online form


Complaints can be filed at the Barcelona Ombudsman’s Office in writing. The letter must include the concerned party’s details and be accompanied by any documents that could be useful to clarify and monitor the case.

If a signed letter is not provided, the office can issue a form to be filled in on site when filing the complaint.

An adviser can meet with the concerned party when they come to file the complaint, if they so wish. It is advisable to request a meeting in advance.

The Ombudsman’s Office is located on Ronda de Sant Pau, 45 (third floor). Its opening hours are 9 am – 2 pm, Monday–Friday, with arranged hours. The information telephone number is 934 132 900.


A written complaint including the concerned party’s details and accompanied by any documents that could be useful to clarify and examine the case must be sent to the office. The fax number is 934 132 910.

Complaints can be filed via email ( An alternative is to file a complaint using the complaint form available directly on this website.

Filing a complaint via email or the online form speeds up the beginning of the process, but if the complaint needs to be examined, it must be confirmed through a signed letter, which can be provided later via post or in person. In any case, an appointment can be made via telephone to meet with the adviser team at this Ombudsman’s Office.​