How does the ombudsman operate?

  • The Ombudsman for Barcelona carries out their duties independently and impartially and receives no instructions from any municipal authority or official. To carry out her functions, the ombudsman collaborates with all municipal bodies, including independent organisations, societies, companies, consortia, metropolitan entities and foundations with which the City Council is involved.
  • The ombudsman acts upon request from any natural or legal person that files a complaint. She can also act ex officio (on her own initiative) when she deems an investigation must be initiated to defend citizens’ rights.
  • Her interventions are free and do not require the attendance of a lawyer, and any complaints filed to the Ombudsman’s Office do not affect the deadlines established to take action through jurisdictional or administrative remedies.
  • The ombudsman may supervise the Municipal Administration’s activity and issue warnings, recommendations and suggestions that facilitate the resolution of the issues at the root of complaints and render the Municipal Administration more effective. He can also propose conciliation or agreement formulas to reach a quick, satisfactory resolution to the complaint.